Friday, June 24, 2011


This book is full of 16 plus cases all about cyberbullying talking about where your rights end and where legal action begins. This book covers cases from political expression to hacking, including an explanation of why the court ruled either or against what the school/college said. It also includes in every chapter a "how would you decide this case" which asks you how you feel about this case and if you would agree/disagree with the verdict.

I learned so much about cyber laws and how you should really be careful about what you post/say.

Yes I would recommend this book, I learned a lot of important information about where your freedom of speech ends and it becomes more serious.

Recommended for grades 9-12 and adults.

KH in Greenville

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

BAIT by Alex Sanchez

Bait was about a boy named Diego who was suffering with a horrible secret. The secret was he was raped and abused when he was younger by his stepfather. This caused him to worry he'd be gay or even turn gay. Than one day a boy at school who was gay was staring at Diego, Diego told him to stop and he wouldn't so Diego punched him in the face. This is when he met his PO (Parole Officer) Mr. Vidas. As he began to open up with Mr. Vidas we found out that Diego had tried to tell his mom that this was happening but when he brought it up she slapped him across the face, she wouldn't listen to him. Diego started to feel more and more comfortable with Mr. Vidas but once this happened he felt like he was being taken away because Mr. Vidas decided against having him be on Parole. Diego felt betrayed and worried Mr. Vidas was the only male figure Diego had in his life and he wasn't about to lose that. So Diego requested to have probation so he could talk more to Mr. Vidas. Mr. Vidas had no idea Diego was cutting him self and soon found out. After this, all Diego's secrets began spilling out eventually leading to Mr. Vidas' secret also being found out. Mr. Vidas is gay. Diego immediately felt betrayed and decided he was going into the ocean to fight the shark that appeared in his dreams so often. After almost drowning Diego made it back to shore and decided to talk to Mr. Vidas about what he had learned. Mr. Vidas confirmed to him that he was in fact gay and told Diego that he'd never hurt him, and Diego soon trusted him again. Eventually Mr. Vidas sent up a meeting with Diego's mom & himself and Diego told her about the abuse. Soon after opening up their relationship got better, and Mr. V tried an activity asking Diego to imagine that he could say what he always wanted to say to his stepfather (Mac). After this activity Diego began to feel like a weight was lifted off his shoulders, everything from then on out got much better.

I learned a lot about the struggle people go through when their abused and how it can really effect their lives if they don't talk about it. Also i learned how much impact not having a father figure in someones life can be.

An excellent book really draws you in and you can feel the pain Diego is suffering. And how desperate he is for a male figure in his life.

Recommended for grades 9-12 and adults

KH in Greenville

Friday, June 3, 2011

RESPONSE by Paul Volponi

This Book is about a young African American male named Noah who is 17 yrs old and lives in the time when things were a bit hectic about racism. He was a teen father of a daughter named Destiny and loved her severely. One night him and his friends decided they needed money so they decided to go into the white town to steal a car and instead got caught up in and beaten. His friends ran off and he tripped and got severely jumped by the white gang and got a bat struck on the side of his head which went to his skull. This accident changed his life. He had the trouble of going through the court because they considered it a hate crime because the boys just jumped him because he was black. He realized then that if anything worse could have happened his daughter would not have a dad anymore and it made him feel even worse. In the end he figured out what he had to do to change his life and become a man and he did it successfully.

This book was probably one of the books I loved. Reading this book just was such an inspiration because it's all true facts on how the world really is. It shows hatred amongst others and social impact on racism. It hits you a lot when reading this book. What I gained from it is that even though you might hate someone so badly with your heart and mind that in the end you shouldn't react on your anger because it will get you nowhere. Instead take the time to relax, let your mind wonder and do the right thing by forgiving the one who did wrong, because in the end the person who did you wrong is the one who wants the anger back at them. That's what makes them keep going. Show them that you are stronger than you think and you can rise above and be a better person.

Just read it because honestly it will change you. It will show you how much brighter your future will be without being so angry.

Recommended for grades 11-12.

AH in Howland

Monday, May 30, 2011


Nick is popular and wealthy and claims to be in love with Caitlin. The relationship they share is fine in the first few months, but then Nick begins to display his true colors. He becomes controlling and jealous and tries to run Caitlin's life, such as telling her to not sing in the talent show because she is a terrible singer. He treats his girlfriend inappropriately and when things get out of hand, Caitlin gets a restraining order and Nick is forced by the court to attend anger management. For the first time he sees that he has become his father, and he eventually realizes the seriousness of his actions and how much he hurt Caitlin.

Breathing Underwater teaches that not all relationships are healthy and how serious abuse really is. A person's home life could determine the potential they have to be an abuser, just as Nick's home life. Also, that there are consequences for all your actions.

I would recommend this book because of the valuable lessons it contains about teenage dating and abuse.

Recommended for all teens.

VG in Howland

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Independent and stubborn, Mazzy lives in a quiet house where her mother refuses to get out of bed. Her father is miles away working for a T.V. channel - neglecting his young daughter and depressed wife. She feels she is losing everything - she has already lost too much - and continues to push away the people who love her most (her father, her BFF, her friendly neighbor) in the subconscious effort to find herself. Analyzing her world in her creative, quirky way, Mazzy tells her touching yet sometimes humorous story of discovering herself and searching for her family.

Covering such topics as grief, depression, loss, growing up, and the search for identity, this book made me more fully aware of the difficulties teens face. The whole story and the presentation of these problems were very believable and touching - I felt I was able to understand Mazzy's experiences and tribulations.

I felt pulled into a story mixed with the humor of a creative, unique teen and the difficult, bitter realities she bravely faced. The references to recognizable television shows and people, such as Oprah and Bill Gates, grabbed my attention and made me more able to relate to the main character, Mazzy. The characters were also well developed, likable, and innovative and were an essential part of the story. However, the book's ending seemed abrupt; the story was finished before I felt satisfied with how the characters' lives would play out.

Recommended for grades 9-12.

SA in Greenville

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

DEADVILLE by Ron Koertge

Ryan has been spending his life getting baked with his friend Andy and listening to music ever since his sister Molly died. But than Charlotte Silano falls off her horse and lands herself into a coma. Ryan begins to drift away from Andy and feels himself drawn to Charlotte's hospital bed. He spends his days now visiting Charlotte in the hospital talking to her asking her to get up. One of the times there he meets a girl named Betty who was Charlotte's volleyball teammate. Something sparks and a relationship grows between them. They go to the hospital now on a very regular basis and as he goes to the hospital he begins to face memories of Molly (who died from cancer) which he struggles to cope with throughout the book. At the hospital Ryan meets a little boy named Thad who tells him about a place named Deadville. Thad describes Deadville as a place where people who have been in horrible accidents or operations can somewhat float outside there bodies and look down on them, almost like an out of body experience. Ryan struggles to believe him until one day Ryan has a dream were Charlotte comes to his bed and says "I'm on my way back, Ryan come to the hospital. I want you there." Then he rushes to the hospital to Charlotte's room were Charlotte begins coughing and wakes up! As days go by her body still needs rehab but her personality still goes back to the same old Charlotte. Ryan has finally coped with Molly's death and begins moving on through his life.

I learned that dealing with tough things in life might take awhile but you can do it.

Excellent book, has you wondering will Charlotte wake up? Will Ryan ever cope with Molly's death? Will Ryan and Charlotte become a couple? Keeps you guessing till the very end.

Recommended for grades 9-12.

KH in Greenville

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

YOU DON'T KNOW ME by David Klass

John goes through his life thinking noone truly knows him. He calls everyone he knows by different names because he thinks that truly they don't know him. John never met his real father (which he calls the man who named him after a toilet) but the man his mother brought into his house, (the man who is not my father) beats him. John doesn't have many friends but when hanging out with Billy Breezer he gets the idea to ask out a girl he calls Glory Hallelujia to the basketball game. Glory says yes and they go to the game, then back to her house. She invites him in the basement and practically makes him take off his shoes and shirt once this happens her father tries to get into the basement which is locked. Her father starts freaking out and screaming, telling Glory she better be alone she yells at him to bust down the door you. He does just that he busts down the door forcing John to find an escape route, and quick. He eventually leaves but now he is hated by anyone he ever knew. Once John gets home he gets beaten, and when he goes back to school he gets suspended for calling his teacher Mrs. Moonface. One of the days John was suspended, a girl from school called Violent Hayes shows up at John's door she eventually asks him to the Semiformal and he ends up going. But when John gets home he gets beaten worse than he's ever been beaten before. He tries to fight back, and he stabs his father in the cheek but this doesn't faze him. His stepfather then punches him in the mouth breaking teeth and cutting his lip. Then they both collide causing them to land outside where his not father punches him in the nose breaking it but just when John thinks he's going to die, Mr. Steenwilly appears and breaks it up. John is now safe and this is were John's mother finds out what's really going on and John realizes his mother really knows him after all.

I learned that there's always help when your getting abused, Mr. Steenwilly suspected something was wrong from day one and he stuck with it, saving John's life. Abuse is a very serious issue and you can help keeping it from happening or help someone who is being abused get help.

I found this book to be very interesting and I liked the character Violent Hayes.

Recommended for grades 9-12.

KH in Greenville

Monday, April 18, 2011

WISH YOU WERE DEAD by Todd Strasser

Lucy had just gotten dropped off by the Safe Rides Crew, refusing to go into her house so she can smoke. Suddenly a person puts a rag with halothane over her face and she isdragged away. This all happened the day after the blogger Str-S-d wished Lucy would just die, IaMnEmEsIs kept hinting perhaps it would come true and now Lucy was gone and things didn't end there. After Lucy's disappearance Str-S-d typed another blog this one wishing Adam would die the same type of comments came from IaMnEmEsIs. The Safe Rides office gets a call Adam's drunk and he needs a ride home but when they get there he's not there. Adam had the same rag put over his mouth and was dragged away. Now things were getting even worse, everyone Str-S-d wishes would die was now gone. Next wishing Courtney would die and than Courtney mysteriously vanishes. IaMnEmEsIs starts talking to Str-S-d (Who was actually Maura) now telling her you're involved and to see what they've done for her she refuses, and the next day they all see what they've done. Lucy's body was found at the school with her eyes gouged out, everyone was in panic. The next day after the Lucy accident Madison was left home alone and a man named Ethan broke into Madison's house telling her he wrote the napkin notes telling her he knew what was going on but she just had to trust him, she did and Ethan (with directions from Maura) led her to who was doing all of these murders. It was Ms. Skelling who seemed insane, she was having conversations with herself and had dog shock collars around Courtney and Adam's necks. Ethan and Madison tried being heros trying to save Courtney and Adam but only ended up being attacked by Ms. Skelling and now locked in the kennels themselves. But then Tyler was brought, Ms. Skelling had caught him too and he had a plan. He kicked and kicked until Madison's gate could be opened, almost causing his life because Ms. S shocked him every time she heard. Madison finally broke out and ran, and Ms. S's hayfork came so close to killing her but realizing she couldn't do it. Ms. S told her it was okay and she wouldn't hurt them but she ended up turning against her and ended up with a hay fork in her stomach. Madison called 911 and broke everyone out... but Adam had died. Madison eventually figured out that Tyler wasn't really who he said he was, he graduated 2 years ago and was out to get Ethan because he thought he was the one who killed his sister Megan, but really it was Ms Skelling.

Scary but true, be careful what you wish for.

The story really sucks you in, makes you wonder whose next and whose doing it. Read this book in one sitting couldn't put it down.

Recommended for grades 9-12 and adults.

KH in Greenville

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

INSIDE OUT by Terry Trueman

Zach was misunderstood. He was attacked by many voices in his head, he had schizophrenia. Zach was just waiting in the coffee shop like he does everyday for his Mom to meet him and give him his medicine. But today was different, 2 robbers came in and had Zach and everyone at the coffee shop hostage. Alan and Joey (the robbers, also called Frosty and Stormy) don't want to hurt anyone but Zach, who's going through problems without his medication is losing time. The situation at the coffee shop gets worse, and cops and tanks arrive. Zach says he really needs his medicine and tells Alan and Joey that Dr. Curt helps him. Joey and Alan are trying to steal this money to pay for their Mom's hospital bills since she has cancer. They come up with a plan to have Dr. Curt come and read the agreement the police made with Alan and Joey. All goes well and they give up the hostages but Zach volunteers to stay behind until Dr. Curt arrives. They realize there is a back door and try to escape but it ends up failing and causes Alan to get shot. Dr. Curt arrives and they give up. Alan and Joey now face 9 months in Juvy and 2 years probation and Zach ended up committing suicide.

I learned how schizophrenia messes up your brain & effects your life.

I found the ending to be a let down, I didn't want Zach to die.

Recommended for grades 11-12.

KH in Greenville.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

DRUNK DRIVING by Stefan Kiesbye

In Drunk Driving there are 3 chapters all about stories of people who have been injured by drunk drivers or have been a drunk driver themselves. This book talks about how drunk driving accidents truly effect your lives and people's lives around you. Also if you choose to drive drunk that is your choice and you have to take any consequences that come because of it. In Chapter 1 there are five separate stories about how drunk driving has effected these five people and how their sons, daughters, idols, friends, and stepfathers have all been taken away. For example Joyce Bries describes how her daughter was killed in a car accident. In chapter 2 drunk drivers talk about how they felt and talk about when they drove under the influence and why they did it. In chapter 3 it talks about how we can prevent drunk driving and what the judicial system can do for example, ignition interlock systems, and a probation officer. Overall this book covers all perspectives and clearly talks about the effects of drunk driving.

I gained a massive amount of knowledge on drunk driving and how a real perspective on how it effects people. I learned also a lot of facts and also what the thought process of a drunk driver is.

One of the best books I have read about drunk driving, gives information from all different view points and contains true life stories of the effects of drunk drivers.

Recommended for all teens and adults.

KH in Greenville

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

EIGHT STORIES UP by Lezine A. DeQuincy, with David Brent.

Eight Stories Up is about DeQuiney Lezine, who as a teen thought the only way to escape his pain was to commit suicide. DeQuiney struggled during and childhood with feelings of hopelessness. As he went through college he fought with the urge to kill himself, eventually leading him to attempt suicide. He tried laying across train tracks, wandering around bad streets at night and finally he decided he'd jump. He was going to throw himself off a building ending his life right there. So than he began to write his friends his goodbyes. What he didn't know was that they kept him chatting until the 2 police officers and counselors showed up, saving his life. This book talks all about suicide, giving hope to people who may think they're alone , or who are asking questions about suicide. This book gives you the facts like how many think about suicide (1 in 10 people), how many act on suicide, what qualifies as suicide, how many die by suicide (4.599 ages 10-24 in 2004) etc. This book contains everything you should know about suicide, knowing that you're not alone, and how to tell if someone is suicidal. This book lets you know there is hope and there is recovery as shown by Lezine's story.

I learned so much, what the warning signs of suicide are, what qualifies as a suicide attempt, how many die and how to overcome these feelings and more. This book is a life saver for anyone who is suicidal or contemplating suicide.

Absolutely recommend! This book is an extremely helpful tool and I recommend everyone reads this so they know how to help and what to look for.

Recommended for grades 9-12 and adults.

KH in Greenville

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

WHERE I WANT TO BE by Adele Griffin

Jane and Lily were sisters. Jane was the big sister and Lily was the littler sister. Jane taught Lily how to play make believe. Jane, who had an extraordinary imagination, would create games her sister Lily would love. But than Lily wanted to stop playing make believe and grow up, she began making friends and even got her 1st boyfriend. But Jane got stuck and wanted to hold on in her make believe world forever. But than their family realizes that Jane is actually mentally ill and is put on anti-psychotic medicine. Jane realizes she'll never be normal like her younger sister Lily. But than an accident happens killing Jane, and the story continues. But now it's being told from Jane's prospective who is now dead, and also Lily's prospective who is still alive. After Jane dies she decides to return to her favorite place, which is her grandparent's home and makes it so she seems still alive. Lily, now coming to terms with her sister's death and mental illness, also must face the fact that her boyfriend has graduated high school and she must return without him.

I gained that you should just live your life to the fullest and live in the present.

Great book although at first it was confusing switching back and for between alive Lily and dead Jane, but than finally I got it.

Recommended for all teens.

KH in Greenville

Friday, February 25, 2011

WHEN SHE HOLLERS by Cynthia Voigt

Tish is hiding a secret, a secret that is running her life and making her ashamed. Tish is being raped by her stepfather (sometimes called her father). Tish's stepfather taunts her and her mother just blocks it out. Tish finally gets fed up and gets a survival knife, the only thing that makes her feel safe. She threatens her stepfather with the knife but he just laughs it off. Finally after battling with her stepfather she heads off to school where all the talk is about the girl named Miranda (they call her Randy) who committed suicide. Miranda was 6 months pregnant. After Tish and her friends talk about this she heads off to gym, with the survival knife still in her Docs. Her coach tells her she'll have to take off her Docs and she refuses, this means she'll have to give up her protection. She refuses which leads into the coach trying to take off Tish's shoes causing Tish to scream and freak out scaring her entire gym class. Also it sends her to the nurse & eventually to the office. This is where she gets told her stepfather is on his way to get her, she can't have this. She asks to go the the bathroom and runs, fighting off Chrissie & Kipper, and ending up in Chrissie's fathers office (he is a lawyer). She ends up telling him what he did to her and he tells her he'll testify and he'll protect her. Tish now goes home and must face her stepfather Tonnie, but she still has her protection, her knife.

There is always help & you don't need to face these types of things alone, all Tish needed was Chrissie's Dad's help.

I wouldn't really recommend this book. Tish had me really confused all throughout the book. I wasn't sure what was going on most of the time. Half the time it had me thinking that Tish was pregnant herself, plus the ending didn't really explain much, it had you wanting more.

Recommended for all teens.

KH in Greenville

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


This talks about the different types of friendships (the follower, the best boyfriend, the gossip girl, the cling on, the dumper, the loner, the boy crazy girl, the rebel and the hot date). In each chapter they talk about the different types, featuring stories from girls pertaining to the topics. Then at the end of the chapter there is an ask Dr. Vicki section which reviews the girls' stories and explains healthy ways to handle it. For example in the chapter 3 it was Courtney's story, she was the gossip girl until her best friend Susan spilled her secret about her father dating her math teacher. Courtney now knew how it felt to be gossiped about and began to choose not to. This book takes on peer pressure, judging, gossip and rumors, healthy and unhealthy friendships and mean girls. Overall it's about girls trying to fit in and get through life with happy and healthy relationships.

I learned that keeping your social life in control wont be easy. Everyone will face pressures in life but you can get through it and you can make and keep healthy relationships.

Every girl has gone through at least one or more of the topics in the book and will learn how to handle the situations better.

Recommended for grades 6-10.

KH in Greenville

Friday, February 4, 2011


"Is it still cheating if I don't get caught?" is all about ethics and the five life principles (Do no harm, make things better, respect others, be fair and be loving). Each chapter tackles a subject or a variety of subjects, and answers questions using the system of ethics. For example Chapter 1 is "Bff!" Part 1: Trash talk, Promises, and Cookies that, Um, Don't taste so good." This chapter along with the other chapters are loaded with questions that question your ethics. After each story it also has a what do you think with 3 different options to choose from. Overall this book is about your morals and do you think these situations are right yes or no and how do the five life principles apply.

I learned how to question what I think is right or wrong according to the life principles.

I loved the way this book was written with all the pictures, very teen friendly and funny. Also liked the broad range of topics mentioned in the book.

Recommended for grades 9-12.

KH in Greenville

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

THE BOY BOOK by E. Lockhart

Ruby now has her license and is ready for her junior year at her school, Tate Prep--but last year's drama isn't over. Nora, Cricket and Kim who used to be her best friends are no longer her best friends. These were the girls she wrote 'the boy book' with. Jackson, who is Ruby's ex-boyfriend, is still seeing Kim (who is far away in Tokyo). Ruby starts getting panic attacks when her life begins getting very hectic. So her parents get her a shrink, Dr Z. Ruby's topless photos leak, and Nora begins finally to talk to Ruby again. Ruby's life is starting to come together. Jackson leaves a note in Ruby's cubby at her job at the zoo which leaves her puzzled. As November week creeps up, her parents finally allow Ruby to choose a more expensive trip. Ruby chooses Canoe island which is conveniently the same island her ex-best friend is going to. Although things between Kim and Ruby stay the same as ex-best friends, Ruby's life begins to come back together with her other best friends coming into her life.

I learned that everything happens for a reason.

Good interesting book from start to finish, great book for teens.

Recommended for grades 6-8.

KH in Greenville

Friday, January 14, 2011

LOCK AND KEY by Sarah Dessen

Her mother abandoned her. She hasn't seen her father since she was a small girl. She is stuck between her old world of lies and poverty and the new one of questions and unfamiliarity. She can't rely on trusting her old or new friends, her troubled mother, or her loving sister and brother-in-law. Not even charming, sweet Nate Cross who lives behind her elaborate new home. Her hand falls to her old house's, the yellow house's, battered key, which she has strung on its delicate chain as a necklace -her sole comfort in her life of building a new Ruby Cooper.

The book contained a wide range of topics including and focusing on friendship, relationships, abandonment, and discovering oneself as a teen. It familiarized me with these topics and enforced powerful messages throughout the book.

Although about three-quarters through it the book got more engrossing, this book was very slow going and didn't have many strong conflicts - I wasn't exactly sure where it was going until the last few chapters. In some places, the book's messages were a little confusing and unclear, although overall they were powerful and the most beautiful part of the book. All in all, it was an okay book.

Recommended for grades 11-12.

SA in Greenville

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


"Tips on Having a Gay (ex) Boyfriend," is a humorous book on how a teenage girl named Belle has to deal with the fact that her boyfriend broke up with her because he was gay. Also, the book covers the abuse that some people face because they are gay.

I have gained from this book the inspiration to stand up to those who are being abused both emotionally and physically because they are gay, or homosexual.

This book was an easy, humorous read that I found both entertaining and inspiring.

Recommended for all teens.

CS in Town of Esopus

Monday, December 27, 2010

BEFORE I DIE by Jenny Downham

Before I Die is about a girl named Tessa and she has leukemia. Tessa makes a list of the things she wants to do the most in the world before she dies, things such as, doing something criminal, travel to another country, etc. As she gets closer to her death she falls in love with a boy who loves her just as much back. Days and weeks go by and Tessa just wants to spend time with her family and her boyfriend before she dies. When she finally nears her end she realizes that she has had a good life and she has to accept that she's going to die. Of course Tessa doesn't want to die, she wants to live life and be with her one true love after going back to the right path, but she has to accept her fate. So, Tessa accepts her fate and wants everyone to get along with life without her but to keep her in their memories.

Death is a part of life, it's a constant cycle that no one can stop but that one has to accept. If people lived constantly in fear of death they wouldn't be able to enjoy what life has to offer. If a loved one of yours was about to die wouldn't you want to give him or her the best time of his or hers life before they died? Never let your loved one die with regrets and say what you can before they leave, or else you will regret it.

Before I Die teaches about people with leukemia and how they have to accept death. The book shows that people have to become happy before they can truly move on, to live life with no regrets before they leave. It just goes to show that everyone should do what they have always wanted to do in life before they leave.

Recommended for grades 9-12.

JN in Howland

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

LITTLE WING by Joanne Horniman

Little Wing is about a teenage mother, Emily, who tries to find herself after having her child. Emily runs away from her family to her grandmother to try to find herself. While staying at her grandmother's she befriends a househusband and his son. Through spending time with them Emily gradually becomes happier and stable. She was afraid that she couldn't love her daughter but she gradually wants to see her and touch her. In the end she goes back to her, after finding her way back to her original self.

Sometimes to find yourself you need to get away from other people and have new experiences. But sometimes when you're trying to find yourself you might cause other people to be sad and unhappy. Also, every mother loves her child even though she may not know that, just like Emily.

Little Wing is very interesting and realistic. It shows you how a teenage mother copes with herself after having a child whom she thinks she cannot love. It's a good read that I am sure everyone will enjoy.

Recommended for all teens.

JN in Howland

Thursday, December 16, 2010


The nine-year-old German boy, Bruno, lives in Berlin with an immensely creative imagination. Sometimes he will talk to the family maid, who, he finds out, does have a life beyond serving his family; sometimes he will go up to the top floor and slide down the banister; and always he tries to avoid his sister who is, undoubtedly, a hopeless case. But then he moves from his comfy house. Maybe there will no longer be banisters, maybe there will no longer be five floors. But there will be a camp where thousands of people are trapped behind a fence. On a different side of the fence then him.

This book made you think - about what you know about the Holocaust, about what it would be like to be German or Jewish at that time in history, about how the Germans did it. About prejudice.

This book was one of the best books I have ever read about the Holocaust and was one of my favorite books in general. The story seemed to be geared to all ages, young and old, and is beneficial to them all, especially to people wanting a different type of story of this period in history or a child being introduced to it. Engaging, touching, and thought-provoking, this was an excellent book.

Recommended for all teens.

SA in Greenville

Thursday, December 2, 2010

MY ANXIOUS MIND: A TEEN'S GUIDE TO MANAGING ANXIETY AND PANIC by Michael A. Tompkins and and Katherine A. Martinez

How do you know when anxiety is a problem? What is anxiety? If your feeling anxious or may be worried that anxiety is taking over your life, this book is right for you. This book covers first what anxiety is and asks you questions so you can figure out if your anxiety is excessive or taking over your life. This book teaches you how to face anxiety, when to seek help, even tips and ways to plan your life so you're feeling less anxious. A little anxiety is good for a person but when your anxiety begins to take over your life this book can be the best resource. It's full of easy to understand information and basically maps out ways to help.

I gained many new ways to deal with anxiety and panic and learned about the worry wheel which is made up of your anxious mind, body and actions.

An excellent book which gives you ways to feel less anxious instantly. Doesn't just explain what anxiety is, it takes each thing about anxiety and ways to deal with it and goes from there.

Recommended for all teens and adults.

KH in Greenville

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


This book shows why many teenagers have anger issues or why they get angry so much. It shows examples of other teens talking about what happens when they get angry. It also gives good tips for teens on how to handle their anger and what to do when they are angry.

I learned a lot of facts on why teens get angry so much. I also learned what being angry does to someone and the people they love. Finally I learned how to control my anger.

Recommended for all teens

SD in Howland

Thursday, November 11, 2010


In the second book in a series by Gantos, a boy named Joey Pigza, who's ADHD requires medication in the form of a patch to keep him acting like a normal kid. Joey has high expectations about meeting his father for the first time in his life. When he arrives for the summer, however, events do not follow as Joey had planned.

I learned a lot about what it's like to be a child living with ADHD from this book.

This book was definitely not intended to be read by someone my age, but I really think that middle schoolers would enjoy this book, as well as the rest of the series.

Recommended for grades 6-8.

RVK in Town of Esopus

Friday, October 29, 2010


Zach's had an extremely rough life, his father was an alcoholic and his mother was a manic depressive. His brother who always did drugs would often go on angry rages and break things. Zach's mother would try to touch him, his father would drink and drink and his brother would beat him even one time breaking one of his ribs. Zach was surrounded by bad influences, but there was no way he could avoid it. Zach decided to binge drink and almost died, he was taken to the hospital and suffered alcohol withdrawal and was then sent to rehab. Zach's therapist Adam thinks of Zach as a very difficult client, Zach doesn't enjoy talking about his past and some of it he says he can't remember. Zach's only true way to get better is if he talks about what happened. Zach becomes close with his roommates Sharkey and Rafael. Rafael is the only true man he knows. He feels like he can relate to Rafael, because as a teen, Rafael was extremely similar to Zach. After weeks go by he finally decides to give in and realizes that "maybe living is supposed to be more than survival".

Everyone has monsters and you will find ways to face them.

Excellent book from start to finish really touching story.

Recommended for grades 9-12 and adults.

KH in Greenville