Wednesday, March 9, 2011

WHERE I WANT TO BE by Adele Griffin

Jane and Lily were sisters. Jane was the big sister and Lily was the littler sister. Jane taught Lily how to play make believe. Jane, who had an extraordinary imagination, would create games her sister Lily would love. But than Lily wanted to stop playing make believe and grow up, she began making friends and even got her 1st boyfriend. But Jane got stuck and wanted to hold on in her make believe world forever. But than their family realizes that Jane is actually mentally ill and is put on anti-psychotic medicine. Jane realizes she'll never be normal like her younger sister Lily. But than an accident happens killing Jane, and the story continues. But now it's being told from Jane's prospective who is now dead, and also Lily's prospective who is still alive. After Jane dies she decides to return to her favorite place, which is her grandparent's home and makes it so she seems still alive. Lily, now coming to terms with her sister's death and mental illness, also must face the fact that her boyfriend has graduated high school and she must return without him.

I gained that you should just live your life to the fullest and live in the present.

Great book although at first it was confusing switching back and for between alive Lily and dead Jane, but than finally I got it.

Recommended for all teens.

KH in Greenville

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