Monday, April 18, 2011

WISH YOU WERE DEAD by Todd Strasser

Lucy had just gotten dropped off by the Safe Rides Crew, refusing to go into her house so she can smoke. Suddenly a person puts a rag with halothane over her face and she isdragged away. This all happened the day after the blogger Str-S-d wished Lucy would just die, IaMnEmEsIs kept hinting perhaps it would come true and now Lucy was gone and things didn't end there. After Lucy's disappearance Str-S-d typed another blog this one wishing Adam would die the same type of comments came from IaMnEmEsIs. The Safe Rides office gets a call Adam's drunk and he needs a ride home but when they get there he's not there. Adam had the same rag put over his mouth and was dragged away. Now things were getting even worse, everyone Str-S-d wishes would die was now gone. Next wishing Courtney would die and than Courtney mysteriously vanishes. IaMnEmEsIs starts talking to Str-S-d (Who was actually Maura) now telling her you're involved and to see what they've done for her she refuses, and the next day they all see what they've done. Lucy's body was found at the school with her eyes gouged out, everyone was in panic. The next day after the Lucy accident Madison was left home alone and a man named Ethan broke into Madison's house telling her he wrote the napkin notes telling her he knew what was going on but she just had to trust him, she did and Ethan (with directions from Maura) led her to who was doing all of these murders. It was Ms. Skelling who seemed insane, she was having conversations with herself and had dog shock collars around Courtney and Adam's necks. Ethan and Madison tried being heros trying to save Courtney and Adam but only ended up being attacked by Ms. Skelling and now locked in the kennels themselves. But then Tyler was brought, Ms. Skelling had caught him too and he had a plan. He kicked and kicked until Madison's gate could be opened, almost causing his life because Ms. S shocked him every time she heard. Madison finally broke out and ran, and Ms. S's hayfork came so close to killing her but realizing she couldn't do it. Ms. S told her it was okay and she wouldn't hurt them but she ended up turning against her and ended up with a hay fork in her stomach. Madison called 911 and broke everyone out... but Adam had died. Madison eventually figured out that Tyler wasn't really who he said he was, he graduated 2 years ago and was out to get Ethan because he thought he was the one who killed his sister Megan, but really it was Ms Skelling.

Scary but true, be careful what you wish for.

The story really sucks you in, makes you wonder whose next and whose doing it. Read this book in one sitting couldn't put it down.

Recommended for grades 9-12 and adults.

KH in Greenville

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