Wednesday, December 22, 2010

LITTLE WING by Joanne Horniman

Little Wing is about a teenage mother, Emily, who tries to find herself after having her child. Emily runs away from her family to her grandmother to try to find herself. While staying at her grandmother's she befriends a househusband and his son. Through spending time with them Emily gradually becomes happier and stable. She was afraid that she couldn't love her daughter but she gradually wants to see her and touch her. In the end she goes back to her, after finding her way back to her original self.

Sometimes to find yourself you need to get away from other people and have new experiences. But sometimes when you're trying to find yourself you might cause other people to be sad and unhappy. Also, every mother loves her child even though she may not know that, just like Emily.

Little Wing is very interesting and realistic. It shows you how a teenage mother copes with herself after having a child whom she thinks she cannot love. It's a good read that I am sure everyone will enjoy.

Recommended for all teens.

JN in Howland

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