Thursday, March 24, 2011

DRUNK DRIVING by Stefan Kiesbye

In Drunk Driving there are 3 chapters all about stories of people who have been injured by drunk drivers or have been a drunk driver themselves. This book talks about how drunk driving accidents truly effect your lives and people's lives around you. Also if you choose to drive drunk that is your choice and you have to take any consequences that come because of it. In Chapter 1 there are five separate stories about how drunk driving has effected these five people and how their sons, daughters, idols, friends, and stepfathers have all been taken away. For example Joyce Bries describes how her daughter was killed in a car accident. In chapter 2 drunk drivers talk about how they felt and talk about when they drove under the influence and why they did it. In chapter 3 it talks about how we can prevent drunk driving and what the judicial system can do for example, ignition interlock systems, and a probation officer. Overall this book covers all perspectives and clearly talks about the effects of drunk driving.

I gained a massive amount of knowledge on drunk driving and how a real perspective on how it effects people. I learned also a lot of facts and also what the thought process of a drunk driver is.

One of the best books I have read about drunk driving, gives information from all different view points and contains true life stories of the effects of drunk drivers.

Recommended for all teens and adults.

KH in Greenville

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