Wednesday, April 27, 2011

YOU DON'T KNOW ME by David Klass

John goes through his life thinking noone truly knows him. He calls everyone he knows by different names because he thinks that truly they don't know him. John never met his real father (which he calls the man who named him after a toilet) but the man his mother brought into his house, (the man who is not my father) beats him. John doesn't have many friends but when hanging out with Billy Breezer he gets the idea to ask out a girl he calls Glory Hallelujia to the basketball game. Glory says yes and they go to the game, then back to her house. She invites him in the basement and practically makes him take off his shoes and shirt once this happens her father tries to get into the basement which is locked. Her father starts freaking out and screaming, telling Glory she better be alone she yells at him to bust down the door you. He does just that he busts down the door forcing John to find an escape route, and quick. He eventually leaves but now he is hated by anyone he ever knew. Once John gets home he gets beaten, and when he goes back to school he gets suspended for calling his teacher Mrs. Moonface. One of the days John was suspended, a girl from school called Violent Hayes shows up at John's door she eventually asks him to the Semiformal and he ends up going. But when John gets home he gets beaten worse than he's ever been beaten before. He tries to fight back, and he stabs his father in the cheek but this doesn't faze him. His stepfather then punches him in the mouth breaking teeth and cutting his lip. Then they both collide causing them to land outside where his not father punches him in the nose breaking it but just when John thinks he's going to die, Mr. Steenwilly appears and breaks it up. John is now safe and this is were John's mother finds out what's really going on and John realizes his mother really knows him after all.

I learned that there's always help when your getting abused, Mr. Steenwilly suspected something was wrong from day one and he stuck with it, saving John's life. Abuse is a very serious issue and you can help keeping it from happening or help someone who is being abused get help.

I found this book to be very interesting and I liked the character Violent Hayes.

Recommended for grades 9-12.

KH in Greenville

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