Friday, June 3, 2011

RESPONSE by Paul Volponi

This Book is about a young African American male named Noah who is 17 yrs old and lives in the time when things were a bit hectic about racism. He was a teen father of a daughter named Destiny and loved her severely. One night him and his friends decided they needed money so they decided to go into the white town to steal a car and instead got caught up in and beaten. His friends ran off and he tripped and got severely jumped by the white gang and got a bat struck on the side of his head which went to his skull. This accident changed his life. He had the trouble of going through the court because they considered it a hate crime because the boys just jumped him because he was black. He realized then that if anything worse could have happened his daughter would not have a dad anymore and it made him feel even worse. In the end he figured out what he had to do to change his life and become a man and he did it successfully.

This book was probably one of the books I loved. Reading this book just was such an inspiration because it's all true facts on how the world really is. It shows hatred amongst others and social impact on racism. It hits you a lot when reading this book. What I gained from it is that even though you might hate someone so badly with your heart and mind that in the end you shouldn't react on your anger because it will get you nowhere. Instead take the time to relax, let your mind wonder and do the right thing by forgiving the one who did wrong, because in the end the person who did you wrong is the one who wants the anger back at them. That's what makes them keep going. Show them that you are stronger than you think and you can rise above and be a better person.

Just read it because honestly it will change you. It will show you how much brighter your future will be without being so angry.

Recommended for grades 11-12.

AH in Howland

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