Tuesday, January 25, 2011

THE BOY BOOK by E. Lockhart

Ruby now has her license and is ready for her junior year at her school, Tate Prep--but last year's drama isn't over. Nora, Cricket and Kim who used to be her best friends are no longer her best friends. These were the girls she wrote 'the boy book' with. Jackson, who is Ruby's ex-boyfriend, is still seeing Kim (who is far away in Tokyo). Ruby starts getting panic attacks when her life begins getting very hectic. So her parents get her a shrink, Dr Z. Ruby's topless photos leak, and Nora begins finally to talk to Ruby again. Ruby's life is starting to come together. Jackson leaves a note in Ruby's cubby at her job at the zoo which leaves her puzzled. As November week creeps up, her parents finally allow Ruby to choose a more expensive trip. Ruby chooses Canoe island which is conveniently the same island her ex-best friend is going to. Although things between Kim and Ruby stay the same as ex-best friends, Ruby's life begins to come back together with her other best friends coming into her life.

I learned that everything happens for a reason.

Good interesting book from start to finish, great book for teens.

Recommended for grades 6-8.

KH in Greenville

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