Wednesday, April 6, 2011

INSIDE OUT by Terry Trueman

Zach was misunderstood. He was attacked by many voices in his head, he had schizophrenia. Zach was just waiting in the coffee shop like he does everyday for his Mom to meet him and give him his medicine. But today was different, 2 robbers came in and had Zach and everyone at the coffee shop hostage. Alan and Joey (the robbers, also called Frosty and Stormy) don't want to hurt anyone but Zach, who's going through problems without his medication is losing time. The situation at the coffee shop gets worse, and cops and tanks arrive. Zach says he really needs his medicine and tells Alan and Joey that Dr. Curt helps him. Joey and Alan are trying to steal this money to pay for their Mom's hospital bills since she has cancer. They come up with a plan to have Dr. Curt come and read the agreement the police made with Alan and Joey. All goes well and they give up the hostages but Zach volunteers to stay behind until Dr. Curt arrives. They realize there is a back door and try to escape but it ends up failing and causes Alan to get shot. Dr. Curt arrives and they give up. Alan and Joey now face 9 months in Juvy and 2 years probation and Zach ended up committing suicide.

I learned how schizophrenia messes up your brain & effects your life.

I found the ending to be a let down, I didn't want Zach to die.

Recommended for grades 11-12.

KH in Greenville.

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