Tuesday, March 15, 2011

EIGHT STORIES UP by Lezine A. DeQuincy, with David Brent.

Eight Stories Up is about DeQuiney Lezine, who as a teen thought the only way to escape his pain was to commit suicide. DeQuiney struggled during and childhood with feelings of hopelessness. As he went through college he fought with the urge to kill himself, eventually leading him to attempt suicide. He tried laying across train tracks, wandering around bad streets at night and finally he decided he'd jump. He was going to throw himself off a building ending his life right there. So than he began to write his friends his goodbyes. What he didn't know was that they kept him chatting until the 2 police officers and counselors showed up, saving his life. This book talks all about suicide, giving hope to people who may think they're alone , or who are asking questions about suicide. This book gives you the facts like how many think about suicide (1 in 10 people), how many act on suicide, what qualifies as suicide, how many die by suicide (4.599 ages 10-24 in 2004) etc. This book contains everything you should know about suicide, knowing that you're not alone, and how to tell if someone is suicidal. This book lets you know there is hope and there is recovery as shown by Lezine's story.

I learned so much, what the warning signs of suicide are, what qualifies as a suicide attempt, how many die and how to overcome these feelings and more. This book is a life saver for anyone who is suicidal or contemplating suicide.

Absolutely recommend! This book is an extremely helpful tool and I recommend everyone reads this so they know how to help and what to look for.

Recommended for grades 9-12 and adults.

KH in Greenville

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