Monday, May 30, 2011


Nick is popular and wealthy and claims to be in love with Caitlin. The relationship they share is fine in the first few months, but then Nick begins to display his true colors. He becomes controlling and jealous and tries to run Caitlin's life, such as telling her to not sing in the talent show because she is a terrible singer. He treats his girlfriend inappropriately and when things get out of hand, Caitlin gets a restraining order and Nick is forced by the court to attend anger management. For the first time he sees that he has become his father, and he eventually realizes the seriousness of his actions and how much he hurt Caitlin.

Breathing Underwater teaches that not all relationships are healthy and how serious abuse really is. A person's home life could determine the potential they have to be an abuser, just as Nick's home life. Also, that there are consequences for all your actions.

I would recommend this book because of the valuable lessons it contains about teenage dating and abuse.

Recommended for all teens.

VG in Howland

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