Wednesday, February 16, 2011


This talks about the different types of friendships (the follower, the best boyfriend, the gossip girl, the cling on, the dumper, the loner, the boy crazy girl, the rebel and the hot date). In each chapter they talk about the different types, featuring stories from girls pertaining to the topics. Then at the end of the chapter there is an ask Dr. Vicki section which reviews the girls' stories and explains healthy ways to handle it. For example in the chapter 3 it was Courtney's story, she was the gossip girl until her best friend Susan spilled her secret about her father dating her math teacher. Courtney now knew how it felt to be gossiped about and began to choose not to. This book takes on peer pressure, judging, gossip and rumors, healthy and unhealthy friendships and mean girls. Overall it's about girls trying to fit in and get through life with happy and healthy relationships.

I learned that keeping your social life in control wont be easy. Everyone will face pressures in life but you can get through it and you can make and keep healthy relationships.

Every girl has gone through at least one or more of the topics in the book and will learn how to handle the situations better.

Recommended for grades 6-10.

KH in Greenville

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