Thursday, August 12, 2010


Bridget. Carmen. Lena. Tibby. Best Friends Forever. These four teenage girlfriends have shared everything together since babyhood. Yet, this summer they are finding themselves spread all over the USA, and even the world - apart for the first summer of their friendship. However, this summer of boys, grief, new friends, and family heartache won't be an uneventful one. Through frequent letters and a shared pair of magical pants, these close friends vow they won't experience a summer feeling far apart.

The book told a story of four teens in a way impressively relatable to today's life. The conflicts that the teens faced as well as the dialogue were very believable and realistic to today's teen world. However, although these conflicts, including grief, boys, and friendship, were an important part of the book, I didn't epecially gain anything new from the story. The story was more an enjoyable read instead of beneficial. Nevertheless, the messages were strong and clear and a big part of the story.

The book was very absorbing and creatively written. The unique writing style of telling each individual friend's story separately, going back and forth between each girl's summer experiences, was very enjoyable to read.

Recommended for grades 11-12.

SA in Greenville

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