Thursday, August 12, 2010


Everyone has a secret or two but Lucy Tompkins, a sixteen year old girl, lives in a life formed around a secret. She just wants to be a normal teenager with a normal life but in her case, that wasn't the way her life is. Lucy tries to make her life as normal as she can but she always knew that she was hiding something from everyone so they never could know the truth. The truth was that her mother's compulsive hoarding turned their life into literally garbage. However, one day something happened that was so unexpected & everything changed in Lucy's life forever. Now, Lucy has to take control & protect her family's secrets, but to what extremes could she go to hide their secrets from being revealed to everyone?

I learned that if someone is a compulsive hoarder they should look for help because it can affect everyone in their life or around them. It can make your life into lies so that no one ever sees what you have become in life. You could have had a normal life at one time, but then something happens that changes your life forever & makes you become something no one ever thought you would become. Compulsive hoarders can be dangerous in some case because their hoarding can cause a lot of negative consequences.

I would recommend this book because it can show the effects of being or living with a compulsive hoarding & it's a great story.

Recommended for all teens.

EJ in Millerton

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