Thursday, August 12, 2010

EXPOSED by Susan Vaught

Exposed is about a girl named Chandra, she is smart, average (or so she thinks) and a baton twirler. Her father has had a heart attack and won't stop eating and her mother and sister are driving her crazy. She has also had troubles with an ex-boyfriend and now the whole school (except for a few people) look at her in a bad light. Chandra knows that she will never find love in her school after what happened between her and her ex-boyfriend, so she goes online to find one. When Chandra finds Paul she thinks she is in love until she finds out that he is talking to her little sister too. In the end Chandra learns that no matter how safe you are being on the internet you are never too safe.

The internet is dangerous and filled with dangerous people. One can never be too safe in protecting oneself on the internet.

EXPOSED shows what can happen to people who aren't safe on the internet and the consequences of not being safe.

Recommended for grades 9-10.

JN in Howland

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