Monday, September 27, 2010

JUMPED by Rita Williams-Garcia

Jumped is about 3 girls: Trina, Dominique and Leticia. Trina is a very confident about herself. Leticia failed her math final by 13 points, causing her to have to go into school early for an extra help math class. Last but not least Dominique, who loves basketball and gets furious when she finds out her basketball playing time has been cut due to a bad grade in math. Trina crosses path with Dominique and her gang when Dominique is already angry about her basketball dilemma. This causes some angry feelings and now Dominique is out to get Trina, but Trina has no idea. Leticia who skipped out of "zero period" to use her phone heard it all and now struggles with whether to tell Trina or not. Will Trina really get jumped? Only time will tell.

I learned how much of a difference speaking up and not speaking up can be.

I wouldn't recommend this book because
I found it confusing jumping from person to person, making it difficult to follow and the girl characters to be obnoxious.

Recommended for grades 9-10.

KH in Greenville

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