Tuesday, August 10, 2010


This book is about Georgia who is in high school like the rest of us and goes through the same troubles. She tells how she feels she doesn't fit in because she's not the prettiest nor the skinniest, and she feels her life is nothing. She doesn't have a father because she lost him when she was 4. That trouble also makes it a lot harder for her. She has only one really good friend who like in most friendships, finds a boy and their friendship kind of disappears. Like most of us, there's her mother, a women who cares so much but does it in the weirdest ways. Basically Gerogia is just an ordinary teen thinking she is set out for disaster and her world is going to collapse, but she pulls through it. I would call it the high school world.

What I gained from this was learning that you're not the only one who goes through troubles when being a teen. It shows you that you can have nothing and everything all at once. You just can't give up on life because it gets hard. You have to just keep on going with your head up. It also shows that life takes time. It might not all unravel at once but it will.

It is an inspiring book for the teen years and it will definitely give you hope in the future. Great book you can just pick up and read and it has you reading and reading and not wanting to stop.

Recommended for all teens.

AH in Beacon

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