Tuesday, August 17, 2010


This book is about a young girl named Katie who is involved in figure skating while maintaining an A+ average in a private school. She faces troubles with her mother because not only does her mother expect more from her all the time, she also puts so much pressure on her because she wants her to do better when this isn't what Katie wants, it is what her mother Katherine wants. Katie has no friends and does not socialize with anybody at all. Her father is not involved in her life at all because he walked out on them. Katie finally had it when she started cutting herself because it felt good to release the pain she had. She finally got caught when it was getting worse and she finally blew up. She got herself help and started counseling and was finally able to tell her mother how she felt and how this wasn't her dream, it was her mother's, and she wants to go to public school and she wants to have a normal life. Getting caught cutting herself and getting the proper help she needed changed her life in such brilliant ways.

From this book I gained courage and I learned that holding in your feelings can lead you to very bad places. Not only did Katie have the courage to open up to the Counselor and say what she said to her mother she was able to stop cutting herself because she wanted to get help before she got emotionally sicker.

I believe that if you are seriously hurting yourself emotionally and physically it might feel like you're going to just destroy yourself and you're never going to get better but in all reality this book shows you that there are ways to come out from that hole that you're in to see in the sunshine. There are ways to come about your problems. And that it is going to be okay.

Recommended for all teens.

AH in Howland

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  1. Wow! This is such an insightful review. I love it!
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