Tuesday, August 24, 2010

THE LONELY HEARTS CLUB by Elizabeth Eulberg

This book is about a girl named Penny Lane (named after a Beatles' song) that has had some pretty disastrous experiences on the dating market and she decides no more! She starts the Lonely Hearts Club (also named after a Beatles' song), which is a group of girls who vow not to date, not to let their sole focus in life be getting a boyfriend, and to just have fun with each other. Of course, then they have to admit that not all the boys in high school are jerks and everything just gets more and more complicated when Penny tries not to fall in love with one of those non-jerk boys.

What I gained from this book is that you don't need boys to get through life or high school. All you need is yourself and your TRUE friends. When you finally realize that you need to do for yourself and not for others then you can actually realize who matters and who doesn't.

I would recommend this book to teens who are interested in love and really wondering how guys can act. It just shows you there is more to life than dating.

Recommended for grades 11-12.

AH in Beacon

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