Friday, July 16, 2010

CYCLER by Lauren McLaughlin

Jill is a pretty normal girl. She has two loving parents, a crazy best friend, good grades, and a crush on the new kid in her math class. The only problem is that for four days every month, Jill transforms into Jack, a hormone-possessed, angst-ridden guy!

In writing Cylcer, McLaughlin took an interesting topic, that could have made a fascinating science fiction title, and wrote it in an extremely shallow manner, as though it were just any YA novel. The ending was not resolved, as McLaughlin plans on writing a sequel.

I would not recommend this book due to its poor execution. Some parts are funny and/or enjoyable, but for the majority it is simply confusing.

Recommended for grades 11 - 12.

2 stars

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  1. BAD BOOK! Past HIP intern, ECW, Esopus.