Wednesday, May 12, 2010

LIVING DEAD GIRL by Musfera Yousaf

A small girl, about ten years old, is abducted from an aquarium by a man. This man is crazed and sick. He rapes her, beats her and breaks her down. As she gets older he won't allow her to go through puberty -- he starves her and gives her pills to stop her from getting her period. It is a story about how Alice almost gives up hope until she meets a little girl and her big brother. She doesn't care that this little girl will now be abused, she only wants to be free. At the end of the novel, Ray dies (thanks to the older brother) and we have no clue as to whether or not Alice dies as well. All the end says is: "I am free." The reader is left to create their own ending.

This is a memorable book that is sad, but I couldn't put it down. I hope that this situation never happens, but sadly, I know it's not the case. I'll never forget Alice, and anyone else who reads the book won't either. I did learn that Ray, the abuser, also had a troubled childhood (not that it gives him an excuse) and that you should never give up hope.

Alex in Esopus

What a story! Kayla Davis is kidnapped when she is ten years old and forced to live with and serve her abductor, Ray. He says that if she ever does anything wrong he will go and kill her parents (he tricked her into telling him where they lived). Ray decides he wants another person for their family, so he has "Alice" go out and get a girl. In the end, the new girl's brother ends up killing Ray and accidentally kills Kayla.

Let me say it again: What a story! However, I simply hated the ending. That was awful that she died. While entertaining, the story was not very plausible. There were many suggestions that I came up with that explained how she could have gotten out of the situation that she was in .... but it certainly gives the message Do Not Go With Strangers!

Erica in Esopus

Alice was kidnapped when she was ten years old. Now, she is fifteen, and still being abused at the hands of her kidnapper, Ray, who wants to kill her. Ray wants to get a new girl since Alice is now too old for him -- and he wants Alice to choose the new girl he will kidnap and abuse. If she complies, he claims he will release her. But Alice struggles -- will he keep his word or kill her?

This is a good read, but not for anyone who is already depressed. It makes you think that some things aren't worth living for, but some things are.

Musfera in Esopus

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