Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Agnes Little and her best friend, Honey, are growing up in a world apart from ours. Mount Blessing is a religious commune. Emmanuel, their leader, is a bad man. He beats all who do not apply to the rules. When Agnes's grandma comes to visit from the outside world she discovers something. Nana Pete decides to take action. She helps the girls get away. Honey uncovers some secrets along the way and everything is sorted out in the end.

I liked this book. It was really different. It teaches us to be open minded, but not to join a cult.

Erica in Esopus

Agnes and Honey live as "believers" at Mount Blessing, but are taken by Nana Pete because they are being abused by Emanuel. Now the girls have to figure out their beliefs while sorting out the lies around them.

Anyone who has pondered the difference between faith and religion will be interested in this book, despite its slow beginning. The book explores how things can be way different than they seem.

Meghan in Esopus

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