Monday, January 18, 2010


Edna's mother has cancer, she's not talking much to her dad, and since her mom went to the hospital Edna hasn't gone to visit. To top it all off she is having an affair with a teacher. She loves him and he loves her. Edna doesn't really take anything in her life seriously and jokes around throughout the entire novel. Her mom makes her go see a shrink, which does not make Edna happy. Eventually she breaks down and tells her friend Barbie about her affair with the teacher -- and then her nagging "frenemy" Patty finds out. She and the teacher don't care much until one day Edna has a revelation, goes to visit her mom and ditches her school field trip ... and she even begins to show interest in a boy her own age.

I found myself getting frustrated with the characters -- and unexpectedly feeling sorry for the teacher (isn't that terrible?).

Alex in Esopus

Edna's mother has cancer and her father seems distant, so she turns to Mr. Howland, her art teacher, for support and attention. Things go farther than she intended and now she must get control of her life.

This book moves very slowly and is not realistic, although it does give the message that family and friends are always there to help if you let them.

Meghan in Esopus

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