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Shortly after Frankie starts tenth grade, she gets asked out by the hottie Matt Livingston (a senior). She discovers that Matt is part of a secret society at their private prep school. She then takes over the club by using e-mails. Her pranks get very elaborate. At the end of the book, the other students and administration find out that girls have just as much spunk as guys -- and their secret society isn't so secret anymore!

This book had a really great idea, but there were problems with the execution. If someone is looking for a funny crime novel about women's empowerment, than this would work.

Erica in Esopus

Frankie takes over an all guys club and anonymously directs some of the group's greatest pranks. She becomes disappointed that no one believes she is capable of directing the pranks.

Reading about the pranks is a lot of fun. The reader learns that while there are many ways to get attention, getting into trouble often causes more trouble than it is worth.

Meghan in Esopus

This story is about Frankie Landau Banks, who has just started the tenth grade, been asked out by senior Matt Livingston. Although she likes being Matt's girlfriend, she gets tired of his friends, who don't take her seriously and see her only as a girlfriend. Matt is part of a secret club at the school. By using her wits, Frankie finds a way to infiltrate the club and take it over -- without any of the members finding out. As her plan gets more and more complicated, she risks losing her friends and Matt.

This book has a good lesson for everyone of all ages and helps you see what happens when someone tries to take over someone else's life. It's good to remember not to lose yourself or forget who you are.

Musfera in Esopus

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