Tuesday, November 3, 2009

BOUNCE by Natasha Friend

Evyn has always wished for a mother. But when her dad marries Elenia a single woman with six kids, it wasn't what she was expecting. Bounce is about Evyn trying to deal with things and trying to express herself in this crazy world of chaos.

This book encourages the reader to be yourself. This is a light, fun, beach read book that's simple, short and lots of fun, so I would recommend it to a friend. It's a great book to take a break with if you've just read a lot of really serious books.

Erica in Esopus

Evyn is a 13-year-old girl who has lost her mother and now her father is getting married to a woman with six kids of her own. Evyn and her brother Mackey are moving to Boston with the new family and are forced to have a relationship with this new assortment of people. To make things worse, she falls in love with her 20-year-old soon-to-be stepbrother -- and has to live with a stepmother she can't stand.

This is a good book that helps show the reader that you can manage your life even when it seems to be uncontrollable.

Musfera in Esopus

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