Tuesday, November 17, 2009

HOW NOT TO BE POPULAR by Jennifer Ziegler

After moving around the country for years, Maggie decides to not make friends that she would have to move away from.

What is gained from reading this book? I learned that friends are people you can trust and have fun with; they don't have to be "cool" or cute.

I'd recommend this book. Maggie attempts to not fit in, is comical, and she is easy to relate to. Everyone would enjoy laughing at her interesting family life.

Meghan in Esopus

Sugar Magnolia (Maggie) Dempsey is tired of moving around the country with her hippie parents. It hurts to leave her new friends behind again and again. So when she moves to Austin, Maggie decides she will do everything in her might to be proclaimed the "weirdo" so she will have no friends. Her outrageous stunts and really vulgar fashion statements don't do what she wants. She makes friends anyway and learns she has to adapt. At the end of the book, her parents let her know that they will be staying in Austin a few years and Maggie finally feels as if she is at home.

If you are looking for a lighthearted book that is quirky and fun, I would recommend this. It encourages the reader to adapt, to accept and to live life.

Erica in Esopus

Maggie Dempsey is getting pretty sick of moving around the country. Maggie's parents are hippies who get Maggie to move to a new city every few months. When she was younger she liked moving around, but now she is sick of it. When she was in ninth grade she left behind good friends, school and the feeling that she belonged. What was worse was when she left her boyfriend in tenth grade. Now she is still moving away, but she has decided she won't make any new friends or try to fit in because she doesn't want to go through another goodbye.

This was a great book that encourages us to be ourselves -- it's the easiest way to fit in.


Musfera in Esopus

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