Wednesday, July 29, 2009


A boy, Miles, decides to go to a private school where he meets a group of kids who open his eyes to new experiences. A girl, Alaska, makes Miles realize many new things about life and love.

I thought this book was good, and would recommend it to a friend who has lost a close family member or friend. I learned that the only things you regret in life are the risks you don't take.
Joe in Esopus

Miles Halter has gone to boarding school in Alabama to seek the "Great Perhaps." He meets a few friends and quickly learns the ropes of the school - pranking is everything. Miles learns to love Alaska who is killed in a car accident. Then he solves the mystery of her death.

The most valuable message of the book? Do not drink and drive. Value friendship. Life is too short to waste

I think this book was great. It was creative, kept my attention, and I enjoyed the way it was formatted.

Erica in Esopus

Miles is accepted by a brainy group of pranksters led by his roommate and Alaska Young, a smart and sexy feminist. The teen becomes captivated by his new friends and forgets who he really is and falls for Alaska Young.

This was an unforgettable book that reminds us to not forget who we are, and not to change.

Musfera in Esopus

Friends are the most important thing in life; without friends, life would suck.
This book is full of fun characters and funny subplots.


Meghan in Esopus

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